How can I Address the topic of Exclusivity With Him?

Reader question:

we came across this guy on complement a month ago. I’m crazy about him. We had the talk and I also inFor examplemed him i can not date a few men and women likewise, in which he told me he is the same way. Today a pal watched him on another dating internet site, POF, and noticed he spruced upwards their profile after the week-end the guy found me. Demonstrably, he is nonetheless looking around. We already believe lied to but how perform I approach this subject with him?»

-Britt M. (California)

Professional’s Answer:


Before you start to results, let’s provide the man the advantage of the question. He might have spruced up their profile before he truly reached understand you, but now they have strong feelings obtainable in which he hasn’t also been on POF in weeks. Performed he revise his profile when you had «the chat»? If so, I would personally be concerned. You might be crazy about the man however if you already think lied to after just one single month, I would recommend you reduce your losses today, and discover a person that is actually sincere and certainly keeps the exact same prices, not only an individual who states the guy life of the same ethical rule.

Believe is a vital part of any connection. Steps usually speak higher than terms, and this guy’s steps might be letting you know he’s not «the only.» When this solution simply doesn’t jive with you therefore should offer him an opportunity, I would state go only at that one directly. Ask him if he is on various other internet dating sites and find out just what according to him. If he sits, get moving, girlfriend! If he says indeed, ask if he could be updating his profile in order to satisfy additional women. Ask him to describe their comprehension of your own talk and find out if he could be really committed. Make sure he understands you are not into internet dating him if he could be witnessing somebody else, and stick by your word. Most importantly, don’t ever accept below the number one — you have earned it.