NET for Enterprise Application Development: Top 12 Reasons

Microsoft started working on a new open-source, cross-platform framework version called .NET Core. So it is a software framework developed by Microsoft in 2002. Increased ProductivityLanguage integrated query and asynchronous programming are two aspects of the framework that increase developer productivity twofold. There are extensive class libraries, common APIs, and much more which a .NET development company uses to build digital solutions at a productive pace. There’ s also powerful tooling provided by Visual Basic Studio, which takes a lot of work away from the hands of the developers and enables them to achieve faster results. Third-party Integrations.NET for enterprise applications is perfect where companies want easy integrations with existing applications.

Talking specifically about software application development, .NET has three main divisions. The best capabilities of .NET technology are best described in two words – open-source and cross-platform. Language SupportOne of the best things about the .NET framework is that it provides language support for 60+ programming languages.

Currently, the .NET framework 4.8 version is the latest one and it is also highly recommended. In the case of .NET core, 3.1 and 2.1 versions are available with lifetime support and .NET Core 5.0 version is under-preview. There are numerous other languages that can be used with .NET.

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With WebAssembly, Blazor runs directly on any browser with only client-side C# code or run it server-side. This makes it more interesting how .NET developers are going to write for the web from now. Cloud also makes it easier for businesses to scale as there is no local set-up requirement and why .NET technologies are and will keep powering all the up-gradation of memory, as well as processing, can be just bought from the cloud. Cloud needs no maintenance from the client-side and allows flexibility and versatility to businesses. The future of .NET is closely watched upon as the new .NET 5 is the new talk of the developer town.

The latest version of the .Net framework is 4.5, released in 2012 by Microsoft Corporation. This version has many new features not available in earlier framework versions. The features include support for cloud computing, mobile devices, and web services. It also helps developers in producing API for web applications along with feature-rich functionalities.

.NET Technologies Popularity Reasons

In addition, it allows effective code optimization, while the code is more compact, which makes it highly productive. When comparing these two technologies, it’s important not to overlook the fact that they are not entirely in the same category, with Java a programming language and .NET a framework. When considering which one is the right technology for your project, you have to pay attention to a number of characteristics and technical features, as follows. With .NET, you can build IoT applications, providing the current status of each smart device’s hardware and software through a single interface. Its internal architecture works seamlessly with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Pine A64 and all other major boards. Additionally, you can leverage the benefits of .NET Nano and the Meadow IoT Framework to write, test, deploy, and maintain code by accessing peripheral components directly.

What is .Net Framework?

Beginners who are currently new to the framework can get online courses and many other ways to learn it due to its widespread use in organizations and the availability of resources. And with a Windows 10 IoT Core operating system capable of running on ARM32-based devices, many businesses can incorporate it within their workflow. One of the major reasons why Windows 10 IoT Core is so popular is that it comes with a set of comprehensive toolkits as well as many integration options. All this is possible due to the Universal Windows Platform that comes bundled with it, as well as Visual Studio IDE and Azure Cloud Platform. I think, in the modern world, it doesn’t hurt to learn both technologies.

As a .Net development company in USA, Consulting Whiz has worked on more than 70 .net development projects. Helping more than 500+ businesses with their technological needs, the experts at Consulting Whiz have brought success every time. In StackOverflow’s 2020 survey, .NET was the #1 framework loved by developers all over the world, with 71.5% of developers voting in its favor. It supports hundreds of APIs, more than 60 languages and has a versatile development environment. A custom software developer can build different types of applications using the .NET framework.

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On top of this, there is no maintenance need from the client-side and allows flexibility and versatility to businesses. It has an MVC architecture that is inclined towards SoC and supports secure and scalable web and phone applications. Using rich libraries, open source code, reusable components, and a great toolkit, .NET development teams can build, compile and test code faster and more efficiently. Stack Overflow, developers’ favorite community space and a well-known evangelist of .NET, has built its entire infrastructure on .NET. During their journey, they have leveraged the huge performance boost of .NET Core and seamless migration to Azure and microservices. The popularity of the .Net framework is due to its simplicity and functionality.

.NET Technologies Popularity Reasons

Cross-Platform development was not the first to be launched, but it has become the first to develop applications on multiple OS. For dot net developers who prefer different programming languages for developing an application, having them work on this will not be an issue. Moreover, this platform is also open source, implying that developers can make changes as much as they want. Development Tools.NET is backed by a lot of IDEs and tools that the users can utilize through Visual Basic Studio. There are an ample number of features that the tool provides for development.

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But things were not the same until Microsoft made dot net open source. But, thanks to company services’ omnipresence, the .Net Framework already has a considerable influence. Also, one of the best features of this platform is that it produces responsive outcomes.

  • For dot net developers who prefer different programming languages for developing an application, having them work on this will not be an issue.
  • By today, it attracts a large community of users who are actively involved in sharing their experience with novice developers.
  • In this programmer’s guide, we will look into some of the different technologies and trends for the .NET Framework and find out why .NET is growing at such a fast pace.
  • The estimated annual salary of a Java software engineer with 4-6 years of experience is $112,440 per year in the United States.
  • The Java ecosystem actively relies on many open source projects.

According to Microsoft, .NET can process 7.01m requests per second, which is 75% more than Java Servlet. JSON serialization, database access, and server side template rendering are the three most important tasks that come easy while building an enterprise application with .NET. With its cross-platform capability, .NET Core allows developers to create apps that are designed to run on multiple different operating systems easily. Moreover, with the recent addition of new front-end APIs, developers can bring a great UI without sacrificing the performance or performance of your IoT app.

1. Free, Cross-Platform, Open Source

This is responsible for communication back and forth to the browser. For example, standard socket programming allows us to build web-based, client-server applications. It is also combined with common APIs, multi-language support and classic libraries and Visual Studio Family for developers to be more productive. Applications built with the help of the .Net framework works perfectly for a longer period of time and are considered reliable.

Security Features in ASP.NET Core Applications

Companies can add or remove modifications from their .NET application based on the traffic requirement. The framework can handle hundreds of requests simultaneously, enabling teams of developers to build solutions without any lag in the system. Many enterprises use the .NET framework for expansion through scalable digital products.

This means that your products will depend on decisions made by Microsoft. Community.Net has a large community that can help with problem-solving and many online forums to answer any questions. Many companies are involved in small, medium, or significant contexts. There are many resources available that can help you get started very quickly.

In an instant, if there is some unknown activity taking place or any data leakage, the web-server eliminates the ongoing processes and restarts it immediately. Microsoft has taken care of the complete security of any project going on. For any Asp .Net development company, complying with these protocols is necessary to achieve the highest level of security. The first and foremost reason why businesses are always chasing development services is its independence from the platform. An app coded can run across the operations systems like Windows, Linux, and many more. Developed by the technology giant Microsoft, .NET is a framework that has given developers freedom and flexibility during the coding and provided businesses with lot of features.

A few weeks ago, we started looking for a new developer to join our team. After going through interesting yet inconclusive interviews, we found a perfect profile. Motivation, SaaS & e-commerce knowledge, relevant experience… But during a follow-up on his successful interview, the guy finally admitted that he despised Microsoft technologies, and would thus not take the job.

It is managed and completed by the CLR for keeping all framework related aspects perfect such as – memory and security. Microsoft offers attractive programs for future startups using their technology. This will help you start your business without worrying about license fees in the early years. MS also offers Visual Studio Team Services for up to 5 members for free. Although Xamarin and .NET Core are open sources, the entire ecosystem is not community-driven.

Therefore, this article will discuss the key reasons that set the framework apart from the rest. Why do developers consider it one of the top development frameworks? The open-source, server-side web application framework offers numerous benefits; let us look into them one by one. By research data, .NET is right now supporting about 44 languages. The user has the freedom to select the language that they wish to use for the application.

This makes it possible to encapsulate data using classes instead of directly using strings or numbers. For developers using the Xamarin framework for application development, you have to use .NET Core technology. Xamarin development is in high demand because of this and Xamarin developers are as well.

Then, the developers can add an attribute to the form PostAction method to check if a valid token has been generated. The SQL injection can be prevented by validating the user input and authorizing it from both the client and server end. NET’s stored procedures and Parameterised queries can help secure SQL injections and avoid its vulnerability. SvelteJS is the most recent and latest form of JavaScript library. You can find many new design components that help retain user perspectives and customer satisfaction rates. As such, you may encounter some situations in which .NET Core may not be the best choice .

The framework allows developers to construct applications with reusable codes while using languages like VB, C#, C++, and JS. In other words, this particular framework will enable developers to create web applications with dynamic features. The .Net platform is massive as it provides many technologies, tools, and languages.

Most popular technology skills in the .NET C# tech stack worldwide in 2021

It simplifies the process and ensures that there are no errors in building the product. The platform is written in C#, which makes it simpler for developers to build the product and provide support if any issue arises. Scalable SolutionsCompanies prefer Dot Net for Enterprise Application Development because it enables building scalable solutions.

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